Artist Entertainment

Artist Entertainment Is the creation of multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Adam James. Being such a diverse musician with multiple acts and projects, AE was created to house all acts in one place. AE originally started in the Netherlands in 2005, then moved to Australia from 2008-2017 and now returned to the Netherlands to mainly play all over Europe but travel all over the world for special occasions and international projects. AE is not an entertainment agency, but a group of acts that can be booked directly through the artist. Often times, if you don't deal with the artist directly, communication issues and additional costs can arise. AE is committed to providing the highest quality music and entertainment with the best booking experience and professional service. From small home events to large corporate events, AE has successfully performed and entertained thousands of people around the world and will continue to do so with a passion for bringing music and entertainment to valued customers. All acts are currently playing throughout the Netherlands and can be found on our facebook page via the link below.